Why You Should Opt for a Professional Cleaning Service over DIY Cleaning

Why You Should Opt for a Professional Cleaning Service over DIY Cleaning

As a homeowner, it must have crossed your mind at times that the cleaning to be done is too much to handle as one person. While you may have some reservations on opening up your home to strangers, DIY cleaning has its limitations. You are better off engaging the services of a professional cleaning service than going the DIY route. Especially when you need the best end of tenancy cleaning possible.

Professional cleaning

When there is not enough time for thorough cleaning, it is very tempting to do cursory cleaning only in the visible areas of the house like the living room floor and hallways. This leaves dirt to accumulate in places like behind the cabinets and under heavy furniture. This can lead to a pest and vermin infestation as the dirty areas become good breeding places.

Easy schedule

The modern career mum has few free hours. Using them for a repetitive chore like cleaning is not the best utilisation of the few hours left in a working week. Even when you decide on DIY cleaning, the time is not enough to do what is needed to leave the house clean. This means you are left to do one or two cleaning sessions in a week and attempting a thorough cleaning after a fortnight.

A cleaning service makes your schedule more flexible by freeing up your time for other activities. Your home remains clean while you focus on your career, family, and other personal activities.

More capable

If your home is in a serious state of neglect, you will need more capable hands doing the cleaning. Long stuck dirt on the floor and stairs, stains on the upholstery, dust on the ceiling and other high surfaces will need special cleaning materials and tactics. A stiff brush and water just won’t do the job correctly. A cleaning service will come to the job with strong cleaning materials like bleach, and equipment like hoovers to do clear the dirt more thoroughly.

Higher workloads

A cleaning service has more people, material and equipment on the job, which is beyond what you can avail on a cleaning job. A 3-day job with you working alone is reduced to a few hours. The cleaning service is also able to do more specialise cleaning for areas that need more attention for example:

  • Degreasing the oven
  • Clearing and cleaning the refrigerator
  • Carpet and rugs cleaning

A professional cleaning service will be more economical, do the job in a time manner, and ensure that your house stays clean and leaves more time for you to attend to your family and other social needs.