How to Make Your PC Gaming Experience Awesome

How to Make Your PC Gaming Experience Awesome

Many people are used to playing video games on the consoles like the PlayStation avoiding the PC in the mistaken belief that it offers a less exciting experience. The PC offers a more intensive experience playing on the keyboard. You can also get more from a PC game using tweaks and mods to access locked parts of a game. How can you make your PC gaming experience awesome each time?

Make gameplay smoother

If your game keeps sticking, your PC may not be fully up to the requirements of the game or could be handling other processes. One way to get more performance is by overclocking the video card. This makes it handle graphics at a faster rate making the game smoother. There are free programs for doing these tweaks.

Save your games

Nothing sucks than having to start a chapter from the beginning. You can save your progress on your hard disk with the game’s inbuilt ‘save’ feature. If you are using Steam, there is automatic syncing so that you will play online from your last stage. You can also use Game saving tools like GameSave Manager to sync your games in Dropbox.

Get a headset

If you are playing an online multiplayer game, you have to be in communication with other players to collaborate tactics and strategy. You really can’t play C.O.D without a headset.  You can go for a simple headset like the ones used by calling agents, or you can go for pricier models that deliver sound in surround HD quality.

Get a gaming mouse

A gaming mouse offers more precision and response than an ordinary mouse. Using a generic mouse will make your point and click actions slower which hold back your game performance for example in a fast-paced FPS game. Some gaming mice allow you to make up to 40 settings.

Console controllers for PC

It takes some time to get used to all the keyboard combinations needed for fast play in PC games. In an MMO demanding lots of action tasks, this becomes a little frustrating. More modern games will readily accept console controllers with a few tweaks.  Xbox controllers are accepted by Windows running PC’s in a plug and play fashion meaning you don’t have to do any tweaks.

Get an SSD

Solid State Drives are faster the conventional HDD drives. SSD prices have come down allowing upgrades for faster gaming and lower loading times. This can easily be done on the PC with no other tweaks needed.