After doing spreadsheets all day, sometimes all you want to do is shoot up a few bad guys in GTA or burn up some rubber in Need for Speed. However, this can quickly become a disappointment if you are working on a slow computer. This shows as staggering graphics like watching a movie from a scratched DVD. The audio could become loops too. This is a frustrating experience which points to a computer with lower than expected specs. Besides upgrading your hardware, there are some few things you can do.

Clean up

Malware is a lead suspect in making a computer slow. Malware stands for all applications (software) on the PC that act in a harmful way. This could be stealing data, popping up unwanted ads, or using your computer to attack others. The best way to clean out malware is by installing the latest anti-malware software available. It should feature an antivirus and a malware scanner if your computer is connected to the internet.  There are many free applications that are good but for the best updates, a paid application is better.

Uninstall programs

If you are fond of downloading and installing software from the web, your computer is likely to have many unwanted programs that install as bundled software. This is mostly for marketing purposes. Go to your computer’s control panel and look at the programs list. If there is any unfamiliar program, uninstall it. However, be careful not to uninstall critical operating system files.

Close programs

If you are running a game that has high definition graphics it places a huge demand on the computer’s memory share. If there are other programs running, the insufficient memory slows down the game. Close down other programs when gaming. You won’t be working on them anyway.

Fix the disk

Your computer’s disk will develop errors and bad sectors over time as you install and uninstall different programs.  Checking and fix these problems by running a CHKDSK command.  Your disk will also disperse data over different sectors such that it takes a longer time to locate. This can be fixed by using the defragmenting tool so that all data is placed in a consolidated manner.

Wipe the disk

Just like an old engine needs engine oil overhaul from time to time to refresh its power output, so does your PC need a fresh installation of the operating system periodically. This helps wipe malware, fix data errors on the disk and fix missing OS file systems.

Hardware upgrade

After having done all the above, there is no other recourse than to upgrade your hardware. Buy a bigger memory and a faster CPU.

As a homeowner, it must have crossed your mind at times that the cleaning to be done is too much to handle as one person. While you may have some reservations on opening up your home to strangers, DIY cleaning has its limitations. You are better off engaging the services of a professional cleaning service than going the DIY route. Especially when you need the best end of tenancy cleaning possible.

Professional cleaning

When there is not enough time for thorough cleaning, it is very tempting to do cursory cleaning only in the visible areas of the house like the living room floor and hallways. This leaves dirt to accumulate in places like behind the cabinets and under heavy furniture. This can lead to a pest and vermin infestation as the dirty areas become good breeding places.

Easy schedule

The modern career mum has few free hours. Using them for a repetitive chore like cleaning is not the best utilisation of the few hours left in a working week. Even when you decide on DIY cleaning, the time is not enough to do what is needed to leave the house clean. This means you are left to do one or two cleaning sessions in a week and attempting a thorough cleaning after a fortnight.

A cleaning service makes your schedule more flexible by freeing up your time for other activities. Your home remains clean while you focus on your career, family, and other personal activities.

More capable

If your home is in a serious state of neglect, you will need more capable hands doing the cleaning. Long stuck dirt on the floor and stairs, stains on the upholstery, dust on the ceiling and other high surfaces will need special cleaning materials and tactics. A stiff brush and water just won’t do the job correctly. A cleaning service will come to the job with strong cleaning materials like bleach, and equipment like hoovers to do clear the dirt more thoroughly.

Higher workloads

A cleaning service has more people, material and equipment on the job, which is beyond what you can avail on a cleaning job. A 3-day job with you working alone is reduced to a few hours. The cleaning service is also able to do more specialise cleaning for areas that need more attention for example:

  • Degreasing the oven
  • Clearing and cleaning the refrigerator
  • Carpet and rugs cleaning

A professional cleaning service will be more economical, do the job in a time manner, and ensure that your house stays clean and leaves more time for you to attend to your family and other social needs.

PC gaming has always attracted gaming fans for the higher engagement experience. Playing on a keyboard offers more control and needs more focus than playing on a console. PC gaming fans claim that the PC offers better graphics and audio. When you are looking for a gaming PC you may think you need a games and computers expert, but you can do it with a few tips.

Processing power

If you are looking to play Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PC you will need sheer raw processing power.  Intel’s line has the Core i7 series with 8 core processors. AMD has the high-end FX series processors with 8 cores. However, remember that the more powerful processors will cost more.  Machines with these high-end processors will cost upwards of $800. If you are on a budget, you can go foe the lower specced Intel Core i7K processor or AMD10 processor.


Big games are very demanding on the PC’s memory. You will need at the minimum 8GB of RAM. If you need very smooth play budget for 32 GB RAM. Go for faster memory like DDR3-2133/DDR4-2133 or higher series.

While integrated graphics memory was ok for older games like GTA: Vice City, they will not work on newer games. You will need a PC with a separate graphics card or GPU. AMD and NVidia are the leading names in the graphics game.

Virtual Reality

If you are looking to experience Virtual Reality, you will need the NVidia GeForce GTX 960 GPU or AMD Radeon RX 470 GPU carrying 8GB RAM. This will play on Oculus Rift. The Vive VR set needs NVidia GeForce GTX 970 GPU or AMD Radeon 290 carrying 4GB of RAM.

For serious gaming, you may be forced to shell out more dollars for higher specs graphics cards after every 2 years or so as games demand more graphics processing power.


You will need ports to connect VR sets and HD display units other than the monitor. Look for a system that carries at least 1 HDMI port, 3 Display ports and 6 USB 3.0 ports. In 2017 the USB-C will be coming with more capabilities in data transfer.


If you are an avid gamer, you will find that you need to replace some parts every 2 years or so. Some of the parts that require occasional upgrading include the graphics card and the memory. Look for a case that will support these upgrades.


Expect to pay more for a gaming PC than you would for an ordinary office PC.

When it comes to domestic cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning  many homeowners are torn between DIY cleaning and hiring professional domestic cleaners.  Some people are hesitant to hire cleaning services due to concerns about privacy and security. Having strangers in the house does not appeal to some people. However, there are more benefits of engaging cleaning services London than going the DIY route.

Through cleaning

Cleaning is a dreary chore that many homeowners do not look forward to. This can make you reluctant to do a thorough cleaning and opt to work on the visible areas only. This ‘lazy’ approach to cleaning leaves dirt, dust and debris to accumulate in the areas that are not regularly cleaned like behind the sofa, or behind the closets. Engaging professional cleaning services will ensure that the whole home gets a thorough cleaning. This leaves the whole house sparkling clean, eliminates odours and makes it hard for vermin and pests to hide and grow in the house.

Flexible schedules

With busy careers and hectic social engagements, it is hard getting a few hours of cleaning chores. This is more so if there are kids in the house. The usual plan is tidying up once or twice in a week and having a thorough cleaning once in a fortnight.  For a busy mother, this does not always go according to plan. If you miss one or two sessions, the work to be done accumulates and becomes difficult to handle alone. By engaging a professional cleaning company such as Citi Clean, your home gets cleaned regularly with no interference to your career and social engagements. The cleaning service frees up your time so that you get more time to spend with your family and friends as well as engage in any other personal activities.

Expertise and equipment

If you are doing a serious clean-up for example after a house party, you will need special cleaning materials to remove the stains on the floor and upholstery. Trying to tackle this with a stiff brush and soap can only make the situation worse. A professional cleaning service will have the cleaning detergents needed and the tools that can handle different types of stains and dirt.

More work

A professional cleaning service will do more volume of work in a few hours, work that you could have handled with 2 days at the minimum. Some of the cleaning services that they can do in a few hours include:

  • House cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning

Engaging professional cleaning services London ensures your home stays clean and leaves you to focus on spending time with family and work.

Web design is that part of your website that makes people visit it and recommend it. Web designers are persons that use their creativity to give you a great site and business. If you want to promote your business and get more customers, you better start using the internet, and you can do that by having an optimised and good looking website. On the web is the best chance for you to promote your business. Millions and millions of people are using the internet and more start doing it daily. By having a website made for your shop, for example, more people will see what products you have and maybe they will want to come and but from you.

If you have an insurance or cleaning company or any other type of business, the best way to make people want your products or services is to have a website they can surf on anytime they want.

A web design for your firm means that more people will know about you. It is the best way to advertise, and it is quite simple. All you have to do is to choose the best web designers team, have some money (you need money only once: when you pay the web design firm) and wait for the result. The result will come in one month or less (Depending on the team), but it is important for you to know that usually, it lasts longer than two weeks because a team of web designers need a lot of work and time for great results.

More exactly, website design means planning, creating and updating a site.  If you already have one and you want to update it, it is also named website design. Maybe it is too old; perhaps you want to change something because you or your clients got bored of it or it is the possibility to want something new to eliminate the monotony.

Maybe you think that because it contains the word: design, it is everything about appearance, but it isn’t that way.  Web design means more than the way it looks. It also means its usability and optimises, if it is easy to use by the visitors and if anything they want is easy to find.

It is also about ergonomics and in general abstract things.  In conclusion, it is about appearance, usability and adaptation to each type of gadget: notebook, tablet or phone.

If you want to be a web designer, you need to take some online courses, and it will take one year till you can become perfect in that domain. But in this year you have to work hard daily and be passionate. Otherwise, you can’t get the success you want. In the world exists universities that are teaching you web design, but they don’t exist in all countries. If you can’t take courses at such a university, it is easier to learn it online.